SOBHA Marina One

Creating a seamless customer journey with communication and design interventions mapped to individual customer touchpoints for SOBHA Developers' super-luxury waterfront project in Kochi, Marina One. 

The goal: To get people to visit the Marina One Experience Center. The Center was a way for people to visit the Show Residence and see the home for themselves. The biggest challenge was to motivate and convince a jaded 'been-there-seen-that' customer that Marina One was actually worth visiting. 

Our strategy was three-fold: 
1. Spark the imagination of the buyer. Present the super-luxury Marina One lifestyle to him/her. 
2. Create a unique and memorable visitor experience at the Experience Center. 
3. Create tools and communication material that empower the sales team. 

The Entrance Experience

Marina One has a private waterfront that is almost a kilometer long. We had to use it! The strategy was to highlight the perimeter of the project. The purpose was: 
1. To bring the project to the attention of passers by and generate buzz
2. To convey the scale of the project 
3. To give people a take-away 

Not wanting to flood people with too much information, we highlighted '5 reasons to live at Marina One' on the perimeters. Each reason was highlighted by a big colourful number that served as a visual breaker also. 

The Parking Experience

5 reasons to live at Marina One, the most important one of all: WATER. 

Over 40 plus features and amentities at Marina One got divided into 5 buckets that were showcased on panels at the parking. Together the buckets read 'water' which was a sibtle highlight to the fact that the architects guaranteed a water view from each home and not just a handful of premium ones. Each panel had a custom illustration that highlighted the features represented on the panel. 

The Welcome Experience

"When in Rome, do as the Romans".
Our aim was to celebrate and highlight the rich culture of Kerala at the entrance. This included putting a 30 foot boat on a giant wall. Yes. 

Objects that had deep-rooted cultural significance for Kerala were featured here such as the ubiquituous Kerala Boat a Kathakalli mask and more. 

The Wayfinding Experience

The Marina One Experience Center was not just the Show Residence. It had a lot going on. Customers could visit the Show Residence but they could also spend time at SOBHA's Museum of Construction Technology where they could see what went into making a Marina One home. Internal teams also worked and strategised from the same space. Therefore the wayfinding had to be direct, clear, evident and of course stylish. 

Environments / Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder

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