Urban Ladder

A case study of how we used a unique visual language and a deep understanding of the culture and business of Urban Ladder to create an inspiring office space for them.

Urban Ladder (UL) was shifting their 500 member (and growing rapidly) team to a new HQ in the heart of Bangalore city. Rezonant’s objectives were to create environment graphics and employer branding for the space that communicated the core DNA of the company.


We had to take a deep-dive into the core of UL and learn about their processes, organisational structure, jargon and lingo.

Research & Learning: The Culture of Delight

Our team interviewed Urban Ladder employees of every team and realised that at the core, the company believes in creating delight for the customer. Now, creating delight is tough. It requires one to stay constantly motivated.

Hence, the core strategy that we would employ to create a motivating and unified graphic theme for the office was: “To create a bit of inspiration in every corner of the office”

We are trying to bring designer furniture to India in a big way.

- A member of the UL Product and Catalogue Team

Creating "designer" inspiration: The Meeting Rooms

UL had a whole bunch of meeting rooms ranging from 2 seater cubby holes to board rooms and team rooms. Each meeting room needed to be named and designed. The interesting thing about these meeting rooms was that not all of them were closed rooms. Some were just meeting spaces which had to be named!

Team UL looked up to designers globally and they named their rooms after these people. Rezonant devised a unique visual style which paid homage to these designers and their work.


Bringing art into the workplace: The Streetscape Wall

A long wall in a narrow corridor was available. However, this ‘wall’ already had several elements that were a part of it, like a door, a service shaft, a fire extinguisher, etc. Our task was to design a graphic that captured the spirit of UL but also did not render the wall functionally useless.


Understanding how they work: The Process Wall

UL (at the time) had over 10 departments with unique functions and challenges. Each of them worked in tandem with each other with single minded intensity on creating delight for the customer. We wanted to highlight each department and they work they did in a fun doodle illustration format. We used a full wall in a prominent location for this graphic.


A reminder of how far they've come: The History

Every company is proud of where it came from and how it started and scaled. In a company like UL where the transformation from a small start-up to a huge organisation was pretty quick, not too many people knew about the origins of the company. We chose a wall at the reception of the office for this graphic.

We chose to create the visuals in a ‘Lego block’ treatment approach which highlighted the ‘build’ aspect of UL culture

The proof of the pudding: Customer Testimonials

UL’s customer service team worked round the clock to provide their customers a seamless experience. Their reward was to hear praise from their customers who appreciated what they did. In general, the entire office thrived on customer satisfaction.

We designed square panels in the office that showcased some testimonials from customers who were truly delighted.

Fun around the office: Some fun stuff

From creating furniture puns with mingled with movies and TV Shows in the cafe to a huge typography wall where we highlighted some of the hilarious questions that customers ask UL, to some tongue in the cheek toilet posters, we ensured that everything in the office was not all work.

Environments / Eisai

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