Make the Shift. From Designer to Change-maker; From Writer to Solution-provider; From Supporter to Leader

By now you have spent some time honing your talent. You have learnt that what works is what works and if something doesn’t work then maybe it’s time for you to do better work. You now know that effectiveness is key and anything you do, should meet that elusive sweet spot of making you happy and your client rich(er). You now know that creativity is a muscle; and you gotta hit the gym You now know that there is no such thing as ‘not my job’.

However, now that you know these things, you have started to become better at what you do and you are aware of it .Your work sees the light of the client’s office more often than your trash folder. You now pride yourself on being a motherfrikkin’ multi-tasking machine! Stuff that kept you awake at night has become easy to crack. Concepts that were beyond your grasp, you can now give a TED talk on. You secretly practice your Cannes Gold winning speech in the bathroom. You now know you have the right aptitude and that you can work your ass off. Maybe it is time you gave yourself the right opportunity.

We are looking for you. 

Make the shift to Rezonant. 

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