Visual Thinker

Jasleen Ashta

Jasleen is a visual communication designer from Lucknow who focuses on solving problems by breaking them down into smaller consumable bits. She loves building brands and is super-enthusiastic about typography. She is a bit of an enthu-cutlet, but she is learning to fill her plate, with what she can chew. She believes in the power of making to-do lists to get things done and thinks she can’t function without sticky notes. When Jasleen isn’t working, you can find her standing next to anyone/everyone and chatting and giggling about a bunch of random things. She is a dreamer and a wanna be optimist. She is a hoarder of books and fonts(and sweets). Someday she intends to change the world through her design (even if its a tiny-unnoticeable fraction of the world).



Brand identity design for a digital legal services platform


Building a strong employer brand for a Fintech startup

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