Visual Thinker & Illustrator

Jayesh Paroli

Jayesh is a true artist in every sense of the word. Hailing from Kannur, he started his foray into art at a very young age. He was never interested in studying and spent all his time drawing and sketching everything he laid his eyes on. Jayesh has worked in various creative industries ranging from animation to game design to fine arts. He is also a reputed art teacher who conducts workshops for aspirants year on year in his home state of Kerala. At Rezonant, his powers of observation allow him to capture nuances and subtleties that miss the eyes of most. He is our resident wizard who is able to breathe artistry into his work.


Discovery Village

Beautiful custom illustrated maps for a ‘wild’ corporate retreat & getaway

Discovery Village

A magazine brochure makes mundane office goers ‘go wild’

Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder’s innovative story needed to be told


Employer branding for a dynamic startup


Product demo for a top travel provider


Shadow signage and graphics at SOBHA Dream Gardens


Employer Branding for Flipkart, India’s #1 success story


Employer Branding for a bright startup in healthcare tech


Creating engaging office graphics for genius health-tech employees

American Express

Office graphics to inspire brilliant techies at the #1 credit card company


ITC Guntur celebrates 5 brilliant flavours of Andhra with 3D installations


Extraordinary signage design & wayfinding for ITC, a 100 year old conglomerate


Go to market for a startup with impressive focus on Diabetes


A royal Experience Centre for SOBHA Royal Pavilion


Informative and inspiring office graphics for one of India’s oldest and largest companies


1 beautiful real estate brochure. Many happy customers.


An informative real estate brochure to captivate buyers


Senior living communication for our ‘young’ seniors


An unforgettable real estate launch of a novel ‘senior living’ project


A unique experience center for a luxury real estate project

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