Chief Thinker

MP Hariharan

MP Hariharan is an entrepreneur in the creative industry. He has set up companies in brand consulting, Indian toy manufacturing and animation. He is passionate about nation building through design, since he believes that the solution to many of India’s problems lies in simple design interventions. He trained as an architect and is interested in the way Indian cities can build their brands and stay relevant to their citizens. He enjoys working with young creative minds as they bring forth solutions which others often fail to see. He is a trained musician and spends free time composing and jamming with his son, who plays percussion. He also serves on the board of the Bangalore chapter of United Way, a global NGO, who is helping rejuvenate Bangalore’s lakes.



Digital signage systems help enhance company culture


This real estate branding project involved illustrations


Launching a luxury real estate project


Creating the brand experience for EY, one of the Big 4


A detailed magazine brochure for India’s #1 real estate brand


1 useful book for the customer. A giant step for real estate.


A magazine brochure for a luxurious real estate project


A luxurious brochure for $1 million ultra-luxury homes


This corporate cafe design at Cisco has 40+ delicious visuals of clay


A 10K square feet colorful corporate cafe for a tech giant


A sublime real estate project website for SOBHA


Celebrating Chennai in office graphics for Cisco


Environmental graphics for massive India GCC of global tech giant


Campus graphics for Cisco’s impressive Bengaluru campus

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