Visual Thinker

Nandita Singh

Meet Nandita, an only child who enjoyed all the undivided love and attention in her hometown Meerut. Her happy place? Sketching Mandala Art with several cups of coffee by her side( she can’t live without her coffee). She posses that superpower of jazzing up everything dull into something spectacular. She knows a good aesthetic when she see’s one.



Designing an impactful modern website for Emeritus, a global Ed-tech company


Designing SaaS product for LegalE


Designing an engaging website for Sumadhura Folium with a unique positioning.


Designing a website for a company that is digitally transforming legal management.


Designing an engaging and informative website for a global results company.

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Visual Thinker

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Creative Thinker

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Visual Thinker

Tarannum Sehgal

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