Creative Writer

Pramita PN

A Bangalore native, Pramita’s had journalism on her mind since she was a wee college graduate but after experiencing the storm of the business and the creativity in the agency life, she’s been hooked forever (her words, we swear). This self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie loves to sit in the passenger seat and introspect on life. She wants to start ‘The Bangalore Traffic Haters’ club and invent teleportation.



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More People

Creative Writer

Kalai Kanagavel

If overthinking was a sport, Kalai would be an olympic medalist.

Visual Thinker


Rahul believes that having a multidisciplinary approach to design is a great way to solve problems.

Partner & Creative Director

Pranav Mathur

Pranav has the knack to easily bridge the gap between message and consumer.