Product Thinker

Raghvi Kabra

Raghvi is a Product Designer from Delhi who focuses on crafting meaningful experiences through memorable design. Constantly in the pursuit to figure out the workings of the world and what makes people tick, she dives into challenges with creative optimism. Her favourite part of the design process is ideation, and oftentimes, she can be found wandering in unknown territories of research and has to be brought back to the problem at hand. A team-player, she truly believes that good design is a collaborative effort and likes working alongside people from different disciplines. Raghvi really likes to travel and can be found ogling at old and beautiful bungalows nestled in the older parts of a city. She is a trained Kathak dancer and has performed in various places in Delhi. When not rotting in front of a screen, she seeks engaging conversations over a cup of coffee, soaking herself in the sunny England of Wodehouse, and dancing.



Brand identity program for Airaa, an exciting K12 school


A Digital signage product to enhance company culture

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