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Rahul believes that having a multidisciplinary approach to design is a great way to solve problems. If you need to know one thing about Rahul, it’s that he is a certified movie buff. From the most recent hits to the most obscure picks, he keeps his watch-list diverse. When he is not watching or re-watching a movie, you can find him reading manga, drawing comics and creating short films starring his cat.



Designing an impactful modern website for Emeritus, a global Ed-tech company

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Partner & Creative Director

Tanvi Chunekar

Tanvi believes that good design has the power to transform society and culture.

Visual Thinker

Sathya A

For starters everyone should know that Sathya is the quietest person in the office with loudest ideas.

Visual Thinker

Jasleen Ashta

Jasleen focuses on solving problems by breaking them down into smaller consumable bits.