Creative Writer

Sampriti M

You can find her in the corner of a cafe sipping coffee over the weekend. Sam usually likes to spend her time reading, going on long drives or taking naps. Seen usually as quiet or not all that talkative, a pj or dad joke is always waiting to spring. She fell in love with writing when she realised she finally had an outlet to the little stories she had floating inside her head. Poetry is something that comes easy to her, while daydreaming brings stories to life. Getting inspired by authors and series like Enid Blyton,Tintin and Asterix comics, numerous Disney and Pixar films the joy for writing for children began to grow. As of now she enjoys reading non-fiction books like Quiet, The Untethered Soul and books by Thich Nhat Hanh and a carefully selected set of fiction books by Murakami, Han Kang and Kawaguchi.



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Creative Writer

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