Visual Thinker

Sathya A

For starters everyone should know that Sathya is the quietest person in the office with loudest ideas, who truly embodies the quote “Action speaks louder than words. When it comes to problem solving Sathya loves them all – be it counseling a heartbroken friend or breaking his head to build a perfect UX.. A computer science graduate who started his self-learning journey into UX and exploring it… If UX is his brain then 3D and motion graphics is the soul..



Designing an engaging website for Sumadhura Folium with a unique positioning.


Designing an engaging and informative website for a global results company.

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Undisputedly, the most important person in Rezonant is Savitha.

Visual Thinker

Tarannum Sehgal

Eager to learn and expand her creative horizon, she loves a good challenge.

Partner & Operations Director

Vinayak Baby

Vinayak is a talented website designer and is a magician at Photoshop.