Creative Thinker

Shrida Shah

Shrida hails from Gujarat, but struggles to find a proper gujju bone in her body—does not like sweets and is not a foodie. She obsesses over perfecting minuscule details in her work, and loves making checklists. The curious amalgam of logic, analytics, and design that accompanies UX/UI excites her to no end. Shrida started out at Rezonant as a multidisciplinary designer back in 2020, and now—tries—to lead a small team of UX/UI designers. She understands the importance of creating a strong digital presence in this new world, and strives to build meaningful creative solutions for—sometimes—mundane pieces of information. 

She loves to travel and is eternally torn between her fascination for the mountains and the hustle of a city. When not working, you will find her annoying her cat, planning her next trip, and occasionally with a book.



Designing an engaging website for Sumadhura Folium with a unique positioning.


Designing a website for a company that is digitally transforming legal management.


Designing an engaging and informative website for a global results company.


A Digital signage product to enhance company culture

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