Swastika Biswas

I am an Illustrator and communication designer who loves to explore various domains of design. I deeply believe that art and design is the only way through which I can express my ideas and innermost emotions. I’ve got a passion for architectural sketching as well.


REA India

Bringing 3 brands together in 1 book – The REA India Culture Book

REA India

Employer branding for &, India’s no.1 proptech brands

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Visual Thinker

Tarannum Sehgal

Eager to learn and expand her creative horizon, she loves a good challenge.

Visual Thinker

Jasleen Ashta

Jasleen focuses on solving problems by breaking them down into smaller consumable bits.

Partner & Creative Director

Pranav Mathur

Pranav has the knack to easily bridge the gap between message and consumer.