Aurigo Employer branding Design 01

Helping Aurigo become a powerful employer brand

Aurigo needed a powerful employer brand that could tell their story and attract the right talent. The company was growing rapidly both in the US and in India. They needed one cohesive story for their teams across the globe.

Hospitality Discovery Village Rezonant Design

A magazine brochure makes mundane office goers ‘go wild’

Discovery Village is a brand of corporate team building retreats with 4 properties spread across the south of India. Beautiful, scenic properties with expertly crafted group activities conducted by trained professionals are the major strengths of the brand. Rezonant helped DV with a magazine themed brochure design that made office goers and families alike go ‘wild’!

Rezonant Design Retail Inksedge

An exercise in art direction to make physical invites fun

A cutting-edge retailer selling greeting and invitation cards online, Inksedge straddled both worlds of tradition and technology. We enabled them to create buzz online and re-define their website and visual strategy with creative art direction.

Rezonant Technology Dtafoundry Employer Branding Design

Employer Branding for an exciting AI startup

Learn how we helped DataFoundry build an engaging employer branding program that’s consistent with their goals of being positioned as a leader in the data intelligence space.