Office graphics for American Express
Unique office graphics for intense tech geniuses
Office graphics for American Express had to showcase the work done by their rockstar technology team. Our task was cut out; create graphics that inspires these wizards.

Office graphics that spoke the same language as its computer scientist inhabitants.



The strategy – create office graphics that are inspired by the work done by the team everyday. The team will then warm up to the graphics faster which will increase their sense of belonging at American Express. 



The design focused on creating office graphics that had a tech edge. We wanted to deliver an office that breathed the same code as its inhabitants in more ways than one. 

The code we breathe office graphics


Puzzle Posters were an important part of the office graphics

"Hello, world" in the office graphics

The phrase “Hello, world” has deep roots in computer science lore and history. It is reportedly the first text to be displayed on any computer screen and is also the first example for any programming language. We dedicated an entire wall to this interesting piece of technology history.  The twist: we used different Indian and local languages to spell out the phrase. 

The world of computer science technology has inside jokes, stories and myths that were featured extensively all over the office. 

Office graphics

Coding errors wall

In our research, we found some interesting facts and tidbits around the kinds of costly mistakes individuals, corporates and countries have made because of a tiny mistake in the code. We featured some of the interesting one in a mock newspaper format. 

To know how to do things right it is very important to know how things can go wrong!  

Great computer scientists featured in the
office graphics

Scientists whose work has not only shaped the work done at AMEX but also the way we live our lives today were featured in pop-art style on the walls of the office. We also featured some of their revered code as tribute to the scientists.

Inspiration comes not just from great work but from the people behind the great work. 

History of computer science

Code puns posters

We created colourful ‘pun’ posters for the office. We modified existing proverbs to create contextual proverbs for the people who work at AMEX. These office graphics truly belonged to each employee. 

Custom created humour posters themed around the work done within the office were a great success.

Regex installed view
Tech Concierge Folks
Tech Concierge Folks


A cool, geeky and techie office

An office that was much appreciated by employees, visitors and AMEX leadership alike. 

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