An engaging tabloid for a real estate project that believes in vertical living
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Designing an engaging tabloid for 2g Tula. 2g Tula is a unique vertical living project located in Whitefield. It focuses on bringing back the idea of joint families and community living, all while retaining the needs of the Indian urbanites.

2getherments is a unique “VERTICAL LIVING HABITAT’ designed to bring back the benefits of community living with the comforts and privacy of urban living.

How to create a tabloid that displays the benefits brought by living in a neighbourhood setup while still retaining the urban touch? 

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To design a tabloid that displays the benefits of community living. Getting to know the founders of the project, as well as speaking with them to understand and collect insights on the birth of the 2getherments ideology, benefits and what people can expect from 2g Tula. 

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Custom illustration in tabloid

“We believe in empathising with our ‘Indian Urbanites’ before designing our projects.”

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Tabloid page

“We believe that busy Indian urbanites need housing solutions that satisfy their aspirational goals and are scalable to accommodate increasing demand.”

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Use of images and visuals
Real Estate Rezonant 2Getherments Strategy 05
Infographics in tabloid

Using infographics and visuals we created an engaging,  informative and detailed tabloid. 

“We believe that designing and building these communities called 2getherments requires expert design thinking and a strong understanding of the problems faced by Indian families and the right solutions for those problems.” 


To demonstrate the essence of the lifestyle 2g Tula was proposing, we used the template of a tabloid to showcase all the benefits as well as the ideology on which this project is being constructed.

The usage of the tabloid template allowed us to give a holistic view of what the project looks like right from its facilities to its layout.

1 Cover
1 Cover
2 Pages
Tabloid spreads
3 Pages
Tabloid spreads

At 2getherments, one of the essential principles of architecture is to ensure that every available inch of space is not only utilised productively but also gainfully. 2getherments stands as a testimony for empathic user experience.

We adopted the strategy of designing an engaging tabloid-style brochure filled with stories, anecdotes and plenty of visuals.

Recreating Community 

Who remembers what it was like to play carefree in their neighbourhood? Or how safe it was to let children roam free in the neighbourhood?
Moving from joint families to nuclear families the concept of neighbourhood and community faded. 2g believes in reviving and creating a space for the community and encouraging the beauty of collective living and parenting. 

5 Pages
Recreating community

Work from Community at 2g Tula

7 Pages
Community living
8 Pages
Family suitable properties
6 Pages
Work from community

Floor plans, simplified

The tabloid gives an overview and break down the floor plans as well as structure for the Tula project. This makes it easier for a person to understand the data and architecture plans. 

“We believe this will help create a stronger community of friends and neighbours – your own urban village.”

11 Pages
Easy representation of floor plans
10 Pages
Easy representation of floor plans
9 Pages
Easy representation of floor plans
12 Pages
Easy representation of floor plans
2gTula Tabloid illustration
Typography illustration


The tabloid helped explain the features and essence to customers successfully.

Find the complete design here.

Imapct cover
Tabloid in use
Impact 2
Tabloid on display