Brand identity design for a digital legal services platform
Business cards
LegalE is a legal practice management app designed to simplify the practice for lawyers by digitizing and organizing files. Rezonant helped create a strong brand identity and positioning for LegalE.

LegalE is a digital law practice platform, designed to help lawyers take their practice to the cloud. The challenge was to come up with a memorable name and a unique visual identity which resonates with their unconventional idea.

laptop 2


Rezonant carried out a detailed benchmarking study for the naming and branding of LegalE.

The platform aims to introduce a digital arm into the legal world. Building on this principle, the name LegalE was derived, translating to the tech aspect of the legal world.

LegalE CS 01 scaled
LegalE CS-02
LegalE CS 20
Sketches of logomark
LegalE CS 20 21
Sketches of logomark


The brand identity is an extension of the name LegalE. It further expands on the amalgamation of the digital and physical aspects of the legal world.

Printed Logo Mockup
Logo design
LegalE CS 03 scaled
Logo form and construction

The logo consists of three elements –

  1. Paper Clip representing physical documents
  2. Laptop representing the digitalization of data
  3. Thumbprint representing security of confidential data

The logo is a combination of physical and digital components with an added element of security.

Brand Colours

Black and white are the key colours used across the identity. Black signifies authority, seriousness and power while white symbolizes a new beginning. Black and white are also the most commonly associated colours with lawyers.


Teal and Yellow add a pop of colour to the palette. Yellow has been used as an accent colour to draw attention to different elements and add an element of interest. Greys have been used to balance out the palette.

LegalE CS 04 1
Colour palette
LegalE CS 05
Colour palette
LegalE CS 06 scaled
Logo colour variants
LegalE CS 07
Brand typeface


The typeface used as a part of the brand identity is Neue Haas Grotesk.

It was designed by Christian Schwartz, Max Miedinger and published by Linotype. Neue Haas Grotesk contains 22 styles and family package options. Varying contrasts and excellent legibility make this font a perfect fit for  LegalE’s design language.

It also resonates with the sharp corners and bold lines used in the logomark.

Custom Display Typeface

We developed a custom typeface as an extension of the brand identity. Retaining the sharp edges and equal positive and negative spaces, the typeface has been derived from the logomark itself.

We then used the typeface to create some ligatures similar to the one used for LE in the logomark. This typeface is exclusive to the brand and can be used anywhere to promote the brand. 
LegalE CS 08 scaled
Custom typeface
LegalE CS 09 scaled

Brand Patterns

LegalE CS 10 scaled
Pattern 1

Using ligatures to create a motif spelling ‘LegalE’.

Pattern in brand colours.

LegalE CS 11
Pattern 1 in brand colours
LegalE CS 12
Pattern 1 in brand colours

Using the logomark to create a secure QR code.

Pattern in brand colours.

LegalE CS 13 scaled
Pattern 2
LegalE CS 15
Pattern 2 in brand colours
LegalE CS 14
Pattern 2 in brand colours


LegalE CS 16 scaled
Custom icons
LegalE CS 17
Icon construction

A custom icon set in the exclusive LegalE format was designed to further scale the brand identity. Using bold forms and sharp corners, these icons resonate with the logomark and are unique to LegalE. They have been widely used across the platform as well as the website.

Custom icons help reinforce the brand through their communication. While these icons are exclusive to LegalE, they are simple and unambiguous. 


Stationary Mockup 1
Brand stationery
Business Card Mockup 038
Business cards
Free C4 Envelope Mockup
Official C4 envelope
Free DL Envelope Mockup
Official DL envelope
Envelope mockup GraphicsEgg 170
Official envelope


The name and brand identity caught on well as they were well-suited for the platform. The identity was widely scaled and used across various materials.

Laptop on table
LegalE website
LegalE CS 18 scaled
App logo
Free Letterhead Mockup 2
LegalE CS 19
Website alternative