Building a strong employer brand for a Fintech startup
CredAvenue is a 1-stop corporate solution for the debt needs of organizations. We helped them create a strong employer brand in order to motivate employees and attract new talent.

The main objective of this project was to create a strong employer brand that reflects the values and culture of CredAvenue. Incite inspiration and motivation for new and old employees.

Create a unique experience with exclusive digital and physical items, to distinguish and elevate CredAvenue from its competitiors.

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Creating an employer brand requires understanding the employer first. Getting to know the company’s history and vision helps discern the values and culture they project.

We then explored various ways to attract the right talent as well as motivate the current employees. We also explored ways of creating exclusivity through EVP to make the brand stand out.

14 flowchart
14 flowchart
Man typing laptop
Designing campaign creatives

Exploring creative ways to scale EVP in order to motivate employees

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Discussions with the team

Discussions with the CredAvenue team to understand the work culture and get insights from the leadership as well as the team.


The EVP developed for CredAvenue was “Be at the start of epic.” It stands for the epic journey the employees are to embark on as part of the CredAvenue team.

Cover art EVP 1
EVP statement
EVP scaling

Creating an epic visual language

Lines 02 scaled
EVP scaling- Energy lines
Lines 03
Energy lines application

We used energy lines to depict the epic work people at CredAvenue were doing. The 2 outer lines represent the loan seekers and the loan lenders the central line represents loan enablers i.e CredAvenue. These 3 lines together form the energy lines used as the primary visual devices across brand creatives.

They were also used as a part of the photography treatment, going around the subject depicting the epic CredAvenue energy.

Colour palette and typography

Creating a colour palette and typography system for CredAvenue which reflects their values and ethics.

We used blues from the CredAvenue logo to build the brand colours. A secondary palette of shades of blues and greens along with a few contrasting colours was created.


Poppins was used as the primary heading typeface since it stands out due to its monolinear strokes. The body copy used was HK Grotesk for its legibility and neatness.

Custom photography and video shoots to maintain consistency

In order to maintain consistency among all photos and videos, we developed specific guidelines for photography style. a photoshoot was done at the office aiming to gather snippets of the employees as well as teams in their element.

image 2
BTS of in-office shoot for CredAvenue
image 1
raw pictures from shoot
raw pictures from shoot
BKJ 9516
Shot from the photoshoot
BKJ 9196
Shot from the photoshoot

The EPIC launch

Launch Campaign
Launch campaign creative on CredAvenue website

“The first people to do something epic and cause a seismic shift in the world are celebrated. At CredAvenue, this is the exact same opportunity that is available right now.”

CredAvenue is a place to achieve epic. A series of creatives made for their launch campaign compared their epic quest to the significant milestones in Indian history. The launch of CredAvenue was positioned to be as epic as these moments in the countries history.

One of the hero creatives featured the Indian cricket team led by Kapil Dev winning the World Cup for the first time in Indian history in 1983. CredAvenue’s launch was presented to be as epic as the first time India won the World Cup, creating history.

Campagn visuals 01 RGB scaled
Epic launch campaign
Campaign visuals 3
Launch campaign creative
Campagn visuals 02 RGB scaled
Launch campaign illustration

“Join CredAvenue to leave a long-lasting impact in the world of finance and technology”

Another creative features  APJ Abdul Kalam and the Indian Space Research Organisation team with SLV-3 (Satellite Launch Vehicle -3), India’s first experimental satellite launch vehicle. SLV-3 was launched in 1980, with APJ Abdul Kalam as the project director.

The final creative features the Constituent Assembly led by Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar drafting the Constitution of India in 1946.

These moments were crucial to India’s history and the launch of CredAvenue is shown to be as remarkable as these historic moments.

Social Media Campaign

CredAvenue employees were provided with various Linkedin banners for their individual profiles along with a few posts for their page, promoting CredAvenue’s launch. We created several posts describing the individual views on why it is epic to work at CredAvenue, themed “This is my epic”.

We also made several banners for the CredAvenue Linkedin page along with numerous posts for the launch campaign as well as talent acquisition. These were also posted on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc.

laptop CA linkedin
Linkedin banners and posts for employees
Linkedin posts full
Social media posts for CredAvenue
zoom laptop
Custom Zoom background
Unique Zoom backgrounds using CredAvenue’s visual language were developed for the team. These involved some office graphics as well as backgrounds with energy lines in CredAvenue colours.


The employees were also given exclusive wallpapers and screensavers for their PCs.
Wallpaper and Screensaver
Custom wallpapers and screensavers

Talent Acquisition Deck

A welcome presentation for new joinees to kickstart things and motivate them. It also helps brief them on the company’s work culture and the opportunities it holds for them.

Ofiice ppt
Talent Acquisition presentation

The start of an epic journey

Welcome letter and congratulatory card

Welcoming new talent with company stationery and goodies

Marking the beginning of the epic journey they were about to embark on, we created congratulatory cards, badges and laptop stickers for the new joinees.


We also designed a goodie box with coffee mugs, t-shirts and much more for a kickstart at CredAvenue.

Image size 2
Laptop stickers
tshirt mockup
Company t-shirts
Box and mug
Goodie box and coffe mugs

Little brown book of Credsters

We created the Little brown book of Credsters to showcase the kinds of hardworking, driven and unique people that work at CredAvenue. By creating personas for them, we showcased diverse kinds of people and the Epic characteristics and mindsets they display within their persona.

Brown book
Little brown book of Credsters
welcome standee mockup 3
Welcome standees

Welcome standees were placed at various places in the office to give a warm welcome to the new joinees.

gluedposter mockup

Flyers on walls and boards

Culture Book

1 Cover
Culture book cover

A culture book is a great tool to welcome new employees and tell them about the company’s story. It also briefs them about the company’s expectations and culture. The CredAvenue culture book did just that.

The culture book delves into the company’s story and work culture, elaborating on the opportunities it presents to its employees.

Culture book 2
Culture book spreads
3 Pages
Culture book spreads
Culture book 1
Culture book spreads


The CredAvenue launch was successful and the team was delighted with their employer brand identity, which would help them hire and welcome several people to the team.

Zoom meeting
a5 book in hand
Little brown book
Man tshirt
T-shirt design
Coffee mug
Coffee mug