Creating engaging office graphics for genius health-tech employees
Office graphics and a strong employer brand were what rapidly growing health-tech start-up SigTuple needed. We created an office that was vibrant, informative and reflected the founders’ vision.


When hiring at a large scale, how to ensure that each employee is aware of the vision of the company and its founders? 


How to inspire existing employees?


How to create an office that tells the story of SigTuple? 

Rezonant design_Healthcare_SigTuple_Office graphics_01_mobile image
The office space was blank and there was no messaging
We were given the liberty to play around with all surfaces in all ereas
Some walls were perfect for graphics

Interviews with the employees
to understand the work and culture. 


Extensive discussions with the 3 founders to understand their vision for the office. 


Archetype analysis which gave us great clarity on the positioning and communication. 



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Extensive workshops with the founders to arrive at the ‘Employee Value Proposition’ (EVP) of ‘Define the Next’ which was the fulcrum of our office graphics and employer brand endeavour. We used a mix of illustrations, photographs across different mediums like walls and posters across the office. 

Creating company values and showcasing them using the office graphics as a platform

The Code Wall at SigTuple

“The huge 20 feet walls at every staircase landing were used to proudly display the SigTuple company codes”

Each company code that we created led to the creation of a conceptual illustration. Each illustration not only showcased just the code but also an ethic, a moral and a vision for the future by the company. These code walls on each landing inspired employees and added some much-needed colour to the office graphics scheme. 

Office graphics that celebrated pioneers in the history of medicine

Illustrations of scientists: Edward Jenner, Grace Hopper, Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace
Sir M Visvesvaraya, Srinivasa Ramanujan

Meeting rooms are spaces in the office that are used the most by different groups of people, both employees and visitors alike. 


We themed the meeting rooms after ‘genius scientists’ and created custom illustrations and content around each person for each meeting room. 


These scientists inspire each employee to dream big and work hard each day. 

Installed graphics at site
Installed graphics at site

Office graphics with posters

We wanted certain aspects of the company’s policy to be cemented in the minds of each employee, especially the major dos and don’ts. We used green and red posters to communicate the same. The psychology was simple: green for dos and red for don’ts. 

Visit the office SigTuple website here. 

Company DOs and DON’Ts were communicated across the office
via posters.

DOs and DONTs posters
'Did You Know' posters installed at site
'Did You Know' posters installed at site


An office space that inspired employees and visitors alike

DOs and DONTs posters installed at site
Meeting room installation
Meeting room glass graphics
Meeting room glass graphics