Designing an engaging website for Sumadhura Folium with a unique positioning.
Sumadhura Folium Website Design Cover
Designing an engaging and informative website for Sumadhura Folium with an alluring and unique positioning.

Sumadhura is a prominent real estate developer in Bangalore and Hyderabad. With an eye for innovation in every project, they reach new heights of elegance and sophistication with each success.

How do we create for Sumadhura Folium an engaging, informative and interactive website to showcase the feature, details and what the project is offering? 

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Sumadhura Horizon Website Design Challenge image1
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We designed a website that would highlight the unique and appealing position of project Folium, “Every day’s a vacation at Folium”. 

Tropical rainforest
Tropical rainforest


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Challenge Statement – One
We centred our design and layout around the positioning “Every day’s a vacation at Folium’. 

We highlighted the various features they provided from recreational spaces to nature-filled surroundings. We also showcased the layout of the project as well as the floor plans of the houses and their facilities. 

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The feeling of constantly being relaxed and carefree like during a vacation, in a luxury space filled with nature but from the comfort of your home is the feeling Folium evokes. The neighbourhood is not just about green spaces overlapping living spaces, but a pleasant symbiosis of the two. 

The project encourages holistic and mindful living with the vastness of peaceful natural surroundings they are providing.

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The Features

Folium stands for foliage where you can take breaks in nature, the outdoors where you can play sports and enjoy being free. It stands for a relaxed lifestyle and provides spaces to interact with one another. It stands for and prompts a space to unwind and connect with nature for mindful living.

“With open spaces, activities and places to relax and unwind, Folium brings the ultimate vacation to your doorstep.”

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The Clubhouse

The luxurious clubhouse is the epitome of a 5-star experience. With facilities like a convenience store, a movie theatre, a cafe/bar, a gym, squash and badminton courts along with a meditation space, Folium provides a relaxing, luxurious and one-of-a-kind experience.

The extensive clubhouse nurtures the community lifestyle and houses everything you need to savour life to the fullest.

Sumadhura Folium Website Design clubhouse

Folium is the sanctuary for unwinding and relaxation with a perfect balance of nature and man-made facilities to support and promote a holistic and mindful lifestyle.

“Folium is ‘grown’ and ‘preserved’ as much as it is ‘built’.”

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The website was well received by the clients as well as potential customers. We were able to highlight the unique positioning and features offered by Folium. This generated a lot of traffic on the website as well as a lot of leads. 

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