Designing an impactful modern website for Emeritus, a global Ed-tech company
Designing an impactful and modern website for Emeritus, a global Ed-tech company that aims to democratise education.

Emeritus is a global Ed-tech company on a mission to make high-quality education from top universities easily accessible to people across the globe. 
Emeritus approached Team Rezonant to create an engaging and informative careers website to attract A+ talent. 

DSC 7035
Emeritus Mind Map


Using the EVP ‘Build a legacy of impact’ we scaled the various visual elements and design language to fit the communication of the careers website. The aim to to create a website that best depicted the impact Emeritus was making. 

Strategy for wireframe
Strategy for wireframe

Build A Legacy Of Impact

The EVP that was selected after a lot of feedback was, ‘Build a legacy of impact’. This positioning statement highlighted the depth of work Emeritus is doing and the various opportunities people would have in their careers. 

“Emeritus’ mission is to make high quality education affordable and easily accessible  to anyone across the globe.”

Emeritus Website EVP 1

The Ripple Effect

We approached the visual language with a vision to depict the essence of the Emeritus impact. The visual language would be scaled to various assets for the company. 

The Ripple Effect showcases the cascading effects set off by Emeritus. When Emeritus employees help learners upskill, their growth benefits their family, community etc.

Emeritus Website Visual Approach 1
Emeritus Website Visual Approach 2

Shooting Employee Testimonials

 To showcase the impact and legacy Emeritus was leaving behind, we shot employee testimonial videos. Employees talked above various aspects of Emeritus, from the work culture and empathetic leaders to the flexible work hours. 

 These videos were one of the assets we created and used in the website to give a small insight into the work culture at Emeritus. We shot employee testimonials in 7 different locations. It was testament to their growth and expansion.

IMG 20220418 104758
IMG 20220406 120249
IMG 20220408 105800
IMG 20220404 115147

Building the Sitemap for Emeritus

The sitemap was the first step in creating the website. We created a detailed navigation flow of what each page would contain. 

Emeritus website siemap


The UI/UX team wanted to create a website that aligned with the brand language of Emeritus, but at the same time looked modern and easy to read yet it still retained the element of impact. The use of animation and the EVP made the impact aspect more prominent and powerful.

Emritus Website design

Brand Language

We received a brand document that gave us detailed information about the colour palette and the typography that was used by the company.

We created custom icons that for the various values and philosophies. We included the ‘impact’ element to each of the icons to emphasize the potential and opportunities that one could gain at Emeritus.

Emeritus Website Visual Lang 5


To keep the website modern yet informative and interactive, we wanted to incorporate the animation of certain elements of the website and icons. 

We used this opportunity to integrate some visual storytelling aspects. Each icon and visual element as the EVP aspect of impact attached to it. 

Accessible and affordable education
Pioneer in a fast growing sector
Disrupt education digitally
Upskill yourself with free courses
Work alongside the best and the brightest
Be a part of a diverse global multicultural team
Thrive in a flexible environment
Fast track your career growth

Ideation Sketches

Emeritus website wireframe mockup 2
Emeritus website wireframe mockup 1

The Emeritus Homepage

We created the layout of the homepage in a way that it gave an overview of what Emeritus does. We included employee testimonial videos, university partners, reasons to join as well as learner testimonials. 

“Learning unlocks the potential to change lives. At Emeritus, you get a chance to become a catalyst for positive change.”

Emeritus Website design homepage 05

What’s your Legacy? 

When a potential candidate visits the why join page, we wanted them to notice the impact they will have if they join Emeritus. We used animation for all the icons and banners. Each icon in this section focuses on the collective impact on can experience at Emeritus. 

“A career at Emeritus gives you opportunities to create lasting impact. You also work in an environment that has the ‘Great Place to Work’ certification. “

Culture at Emeritus

When creating the section for culture, we wanted to highlighted not just the overall environment once can expect but also what employees felt about their work place. We included employee testimonials that talked about the culture along with images of the work culture.

“We have built our culture in the same way that we have built our products and services – on the foundation of empowerment and positive impact.”

Emeritus Website Design Culture

The Emeritus Impact

 In this section we used the element of visual storytelling to show the extent of the Emeritus impact. With a world map and a hover feature with testimonials, we brought to life the global nature of the company.

“With each program, we are helping our learners reach their goals and aspirations.”

Our Impact 02
Our Impact 03

The Teams of Emeritus

We used a Gantt chart approach for this section. The flow of the introduction of teams followed the process in which a course and learner are onboarded. 

“Every team at Emeritus holds an important position in our roadmap to create lasting impact.”

The Emeritus Teams and Blog

The resources page contains articles related to the Ed-tech domain. It also contains videos which we shot. They cover topics like Emeritus’ initiatives of upskilling and efforts taken during the pandemic. 

The individual team pages give detailed information about the role of each team along with images and of the team members as well as testimonials from team members about the impact the team has made. 

Emeritus Website Design Other pages

Web Responsiveness

We had to optimise all the layouts of the website to ensure the users have a smooth user experience on all devices from laptops and phones to tablets. 

Emeritus website responsive
Emeritus Website Mobile screens 2


The website was well received by the clients and was appreciated by the employees individually. It gained a lot of traction.

Emeritus Website design outcome 1