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Designing creatives for a Marvel Ecron a real estate project with a unique positioning
Designing creatives for print and digital mediums for the launch of the real estate project Marvel Ecron.

Marvel Properties is a real estate developer who pioneers in providing sophisticated and luxurious spaces. 

How do we create engaging creatives to introduce and scale Marvel Ecron to attract people to the international quality office space?

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Marvel positioned project Ecron as the “Marvel of Hubballi”. Using this we create a wide range of assets to promote the office space.

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Every metropolitan city has a marvel. In Paris, it is the Eiffel Tower, New York has the Statue of Liberty and London has Big Ben and London Eye. For Hubballi, it is Marvel Ecron. 

Using this positioning we created billboards, newspaper ads, social media posts & campaigns as well as pieces for the company’s physical launch of the project.

Marvel Ecron Hubballi Teaser 2
Marvel Ecron Hubballi Teaser 1
Teaser Billboard

We used the unique positioning of the office space and create billboards and ads that left passersby curious about the Marvel of Hubballi.

“Each big city has a marvel of their own, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, and now we introduce Hubballi’s very own marvel.”

Marvel Ecron Hubballi Reveal 1
Grand Reveal
Marvel Ecron Hubballi Reveal 2
Billboard reveal

Newspaper ads

For the newspaper ads, we showcased all the different marvels from different cities and put Marvel Ecron in the centre. Our focus was to draw people’s attention to the marvel located at Hubballi. 
We listed down the various features that this office space has to offer and why it is the ideal location and space to invest in.

“Introducing  Marvel Ecron North Karnataka’s first Grade A commercial office space and retail zone.”

Marvel Ecron Newspaper Ad Half Page 2
Newspaper advertisement
Marvel Ecron Newspaper Ad Full Page 1
Newspaper full-page advertisement
Marvel Ecron Newspaper Ad 4
Newspaper ad for investment

“A unique combination of retail and Grade A offices all in Hubballi.”

Marvel Ecron Newspaper Ad 3
Newspaper ad

Along with the features, we added small sections that explained the project, introduced the builders and how Marvel Ecron is different from other tech parks based in other cities like Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Marvel Ecron Newspaper Ad Half Page 1
Newspaper ad for locals


We designed informative mailers to inform people about the launch of Hubballi’s very own marvel, detailed with information as to why a buyer should invest in Marvel Ecron and what makes the property stand out.

“Marvel Ecron is perfect for local businesses as well as corporates.”

Marvel Ecron social media campaign 06
Emailers for locals
Marvel Ecron social media campaign 07
Emailers for non-locals
Marvel Ecron social media campaign 08
Emailers for investors

Social Media campaign

For the social media campaign, we did a series of posts that aligned with the unique positioning. We first created posts that were teasers for the property, while highlighting the marvels of other countries like London and New York in the backdrop, while we create suspense for the Marvel of Hubballi.

The final reveal was the project itself, “Marvel of Hubballi”, Marvel Ecron.

Marvel Ecron instagram teaser
Teasers on social media
Social media grand reveal

 To highlight the various features Marvel Ecron provides, we designed creatives that covered the benefits of considering the project as a potential workplace.

Proximity to the airport and working in a city that is perfect for work and leisure are some of the features we highlighted. 

Marvel Ecron location benefits
Marvel Ecron social media campaign 10
Custom illustration for social media
Marvel Ecron social media campaign 09
Custom illustration for social media

We created a separate set of creatives that highlighted the luxurious yet practical benefits of Marvel Ecron.

Designed by international architect Hadi Teherani, the futuristic office along with world-class facilities believes in and practices 100% sustainability.

ME Features 01
Marvel Ecron property features
Marvel Ecron Hubballi Facebook posts
Marvel Ecron property features

We created covers for the social media pages like LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Marvel Ecron Social Media Cover2ka2
Marvel Ecron LinkedIn page cover
Marvel Ecron Social Media Cover1
Marvel Ecron Facebook page cover

Launch Event

For the launch of the project, we created custom invitation cards. Along with custom cards, we included flyers and goodie bags.

Since the project is premium and luxurious in its features, we incorporated the ‘gold class’ approach to match the positioning.

Marvel Ecron launch event invitation 1
Invitations for the Marvel Ecron launch event
Marvel Ecron launch event invitation 2
Invitations for the Marvel Ecron launch event
Marvel Ecron Launch Event  gate
Marvel Ecron launch event gate

At the event, we provided guests with informative and feature-oriented flyers that gave detailed descriptions of the project.

Marvel Ecron launch Event Flyers
Flyers for the Marvel Ecron launch event

Using the visuals of a golden key, we created custom goodie bags. This was to indicate that this is the first step to unlocking Hubballi’s best business address. 

Marvel Ecron Launch Even Goodie Bag
Marvel Ecron launch event goodie bags


with the engaging assets for different media as well as for the physical launch, we were able to explain the features and attract customers to visit the property. It was well-received by the customers and company alike. 

Marvel Ecron Launch Campaign brochure