Designing SaaS product for LegalE
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Rezonant designed a seamless and smooth SaaS product for LegalE, a company that is moving towards digitising legal processes and practices.

LegalE is a company that helps legal teams simplify their processes. 
Catering to their vision of digitising the legal practice, we created a SaaS product that helps lawyers and law firms move all their processes to a digital space. Assuring ease of access and top security, legal practices are now simplified.

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Working with intricate workflows and detailed wireframes, we re-worked and simplified the workflow to create a seamless application. 

“A smooth interface assures a seamless and fast transition towards digitisation. “

LegalE older version screens


To design and create an interface where the entire legal process of adding clients, documents, scheduling meetings and tracking billing, is consolidated into one place. We created wireframes to understand the requirements & expectations of the client and establish the flow of the web application. 

LegalE Webapp Web Diagram

Understanding the user base 


We conducted an in-depth study to understand the potential user’s needs and expectations of such an interface. This helped us chart out the various features we needed to include. 


LegalE Website Sitemap Final 2

We created intricate and detailed workflows to ensure all client requirements were met. These 2 workflows are a part of our detailed and seamless workflow for the product.

Breaking down the workflow

Low Fidelity Wireframe 

LegalE Webapp Sketches

“The best way to break down workflows and wireframes is with pen and paper.”

LegalE Webapp Sketches2 1

We created rough sketches of the simplified wireframe and broke down the flow to ensure we provided a smooth and seamless interface.


Keeping the vision of digitising the legal process and practice, we created an interface that catered to the various needs of lawyers and legal teams. The application is designed in a way that facilitates legal practitioners to organise and manage their cases and documents. 

LegalE Webapp Design Dashboard Home

UI Components

Components Buttons Case Study
Components Case Study



Features such as the status of a case, the timeline of cases; their hearings and both past and present, can be found in the case section of the website. Ongoing cases, their judge and any upcoming requirements for cases can be tracked in the daily orders section.

“As a part of the process of digitising the legal process, lawyers and law firms can now access their cases on the web app.”

LegalE Webapp Design Cases Docket
LegalE Webapp Design Cases Documents
LegalE Webapp Design Cases parties

A unique feature of LegalE accommodates adding documents of cases that are complete by using technology to highlight data and information that is essential to the case. This feature helps digitise documents of cases that have been completed or are still in court. 

“LegalE uses advanced AI features to crawl digitised documents and retrieve information relevant to the case.”


This feature helps a legal team access all the documents, paperwork and other assets that are stored as proof during or for a case. 

“This feature helps consolidate all the documents for a case in one location.”

LegalE Webapp Enquiries


The client feature helps firms and legal practitioners keep track of their clients, their details and cases they are involved in. 
This feature also facilitates previewing an invoice before sending it out to the client. 

“Important details such as phone number, email address and record of invoices can be found easily.”

LegalE Webapp Design Clients Main
LegalE Webapp Design Clients 02


This section is another feature unique to LegalE. Within the research section, a lawyer or law firm can check for various judgements, previous citations made for a similar case, and acts. Within this feature one can even choose a particular year, the number of judges present in the case or which course the case was fought in.

“With filters and an advanced search option; understanding judgements, acts and accessing important information about similar cases is now made easy.”

Admin Portal

The admin panels are meant for the LegalE team. They are able to cater to their client’s needs such as answering queries, onboarding law firms and scanning important client documents for Lawyers. 

“This section keeps a track of LegalE’ client base and documentation requirements.”

LegalE Webapp Design admin portal

Mobile App

LegalE Webapp Design Mobile

With all the features of the web app on the phone, accessing documents and client details is quick and easy.

“Management and digitisation of legal practices on the go, are simplified with the LegalE mobile app.”


The web app was well received and helped lawyers and law firms smoothly transition towards digitising the legal practice. 

LegalE Webapp Impact