Crafting a cool brand identity for a healthcare start-up
Mirable Health Branding Banner 01

To create an identity that resonated with the company and also aligned with its customer facing brand Humain Health.

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Create an intuitive brand identity that conveys the company’s deep connection with people. Use colors that are synonymous with the healthcare industry.



The typeface used is Ubuntu which is a crisp

Sans Serif font with good visibility. The color palette

uses green and blue, mirroring colors from

nature – greenery and water.

The i is a hidden person, similar to Humain’s logo which also focuses on the human

Rezonant design Mirable Logo Gif
Rezonant Design Mirable Health Branding Design

The figure & ground principle is commonly associated with gestalt theory. This can be very handy when we want to highlight a focal point.


Here in the design, we have incorporated a human element (fits for both health and the technology aspect of the brand) by simply shifting the circle a little towards right which provides a human figure as a whole.

Mirable Health Branding Design 01
Rezonant design Mirable Health Branding Impact 2
Rezonant design Mirable Health Branding Impact 1


The brand identity has helped create a

distinct identity for brand Mirable.


More can be found about Mirable here.

Rezonant Design Mirable Health Branding Impact 01
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