Designing wedding invitations that scale.




Inksedge is a brand that is an online retailer of different types of cards. From weddings to baby showers and birthdays they’ve got all occasions covered. They are an early stage e-commerce company with a small team of dedicated and talented individuals looking to make their mark in a highly competitive domain. Rezonant’s task was to help them cement their brand language by creating unique and beautiful brand assets that showcased the design and quality of their product artistically and set up a template to enable them to constantly replicate the process. These assets were images that we shot that they would use to create banners, headers, mailers, social media creatives, etc. We also custom created the design and copy for their customer engagement mailers and created a social media campaign to start things off for them.

Research and strategy

We sat with the team and spoke to them about the various types of customers that they get, what are the patterns that they observe in the buying behavior of people and what kind of questions are they generally asked. We needed to find out what were the problems that our visuals and creatives were solving. 

Key Learning

  • There is a lot of emotion attached to a card. Whether it is a wedding or a baby shower, cards are a physical proof of the big day and are therefore extremely important.
  • The people purchasing the cards were rarely the actual end users themselves. A lot of relatives, a lot of family members were generally involved in the selection and decision-making process.

“Cards are not as popular as they once used to be. Smartphones, email, WhatsApp messaging, are slowly edging actual cards out!” 

-  Swathi, Marketing Head, Inksedge

Our strategy

  • Create visually beautiful assets which reflect the tone and identity of the design of the card
  • Supplement visual assets with short and emotional copy​​​​​​​
  • Try and bring back the tradition of giving cards for momentous occasions in a big way with our social media creatives

Creating visual assets

Rezonant’s Art Director armed with a bagful of props, a small 3 member team and a photographer set out to create visual assets for Inksedge to use. We were given a lot of sample cards by the client and we saw that the cards were well-designed and printed on premium quality paper. Each card had motifs, patterns, and designs that were relevant to the occasion. Using small everyday props from stones, sand, leaves, and beads to textured paper and other elements in the background we set about creating the visual assets for Inskedge.

Specially created visual assets using minimal props for Inksedge

Various assets being used as banners on the Inksedge website


In a business such as this, it is very important to keep customers constantly engaged. It is also very important to build the customer’s continued trust in the brand. Team Rezonant created and designed the mailer engagement process for Inksedge. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the customer and thinking what kind of communication would the customer want between placing the order and receiving it and also engaging him/her after that was challenging and enjoyable. 

Specially designed mailers for Inksedge

Social media engagement is very important for the end consumer driven brands like Inksedge. A clever social media creative can go a long way in cementing the company’s position in the customer’s mind. Rezonant’s strategy was to inspire people to give more cards, to reach out to more people and make them happy. 

Social media creatives for Inksedge


Inksedge received an extremely heartening response to all the visual assets that Rezonant created for them. The appeal of the website and the number of customers increased. The engagement mailers were appreciated and are now an integral part of Inksedge’s process. The brand’s visibility and credibility continue to grow steadily.