A World With Hope: The Hero Archetype
Hero Arjuna

What is it about superhero movies that intrigues the audience? What engages the huge fanbase that these movies attract? It’s not just the drama, or the action, or even the direction and special effects. It’s all about the hero. When all seems to be lost and the darkness surmounts the light, the hero emerges to save the day. A character who triumphs over adversity and evil to restore peace. A story that inspires the audience, a story that gives them hope.

The Hero archetype reflects these values in its audience. It inspires people to achieve their goals; to become the best versions of themselves. You’re the hero in your story. And the Hero archetype wants you to believe in yourself.

Let’s back up for a second and recollect what an archetype is. Brand archetypes are recognizable patterns of human behavior reflected by brands to make themselves more relatable to their audiences. It’s a way for a brand to communicate with its audience and connect with them at a deeper level. There are 12 brand archetypes in total and in this article we’re focussing on the Hero archetype.

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The hero archetype at a glance

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FedEx ship anything campaign

Promise: Rise above the adversity
Goal: To exert mastery
Strength: Competence, bravery, courage
Fear: Weakness

Hero brand stories

Brands that fall under this archetype present themselves as leaders of a revolution. At the core of their communication, they call out the hero within you to conquer all your fears. They aim to inspire their audiences to become the best versions of themselves. Their stories reflect how their products will help you in achieving your goals.


This archetype is usually adopted by companies that possess strong social obligations at their core and exist to help people and provide guidance on how to develop strength and discipline.

Their communication encompasses powerful messaging and bold visuals, to provoke a sense of ambition. They inspire you to pursue achievement, no matter what it takes.

Brands that identify with the Hero archetype display strength and courage through their communication This can be seen manifested in athletes, political figures, and branches of the military, as many have overcome great adversity and have devoted their entire lives to rising through the ranks to become masters in their fields

Examples of Hero brands


Nike’s iconic tagline ‘Just Do It’ in itself represents the Hero archetype. Nike stands to empower its audiences to achieve the impossible. It encourages you to face challenges head-on and rise to the occasion. They challenge their audience to push harder than they think is possible to achieve their goals by highlighting phrases like “never stop winning” and “dream further.”

Hero brand Nike
serena williams fb1
Nike campaign with Serena Williams
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Nike sportsmanship campaign
Nike FindGreatness campaign


FedEx is a leader in the logistics industry. With their slogan ‘The world on time’, their promise is that they will do anything to get your delivery to you on time. The brand’s communication famously depicts employees sacrificing their time and safety to ensure the package is delivered timely.

FedEx Hero archetype brand tagline 1
Hero brand FedEx
FedEx Hero archetype campaign3 scaled
FedEx ship anything campaign
FedEx Hero archetype campaign2
FedEx fast delivery campaign
FedEx Hero archetype campaign1
FedEx neighbours campaign

Is your brand a hero?

Step back and take a hard look at your brand. If it aims to fight an invisible enemy and bring out the best in people, it might just be the hero. Hero brands can also be the underdog, just on the verge of changing the world.


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Tarannum Sehgal is a Visual Thinker at Rezonant and also helps manage the Brand Archetypes Program.

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