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AI won’t replace you; people who know how to use AI will.

You may now not only generate new graphics, but also write with AI. It is now possible to create music in the voice of our favourite musicians, and you can also have them sing in your preferred language. There are videos created with AI that are just as good as their human equivalents.

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The Art of Drafts

What is the necessity for a writer to go through so many drafts? As a writer, I share my views and experience on the benefits of drafting and what I have learned from the exercise of drafting.

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The Role Of Psychology In Design

Why is it essential for every designer to know the Fundamentals of Psychology?
Read on to find out how it can be used to make more intuitive, meaningful, and usable designs.

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The Power of Storytelling

How can a simple, purpose driven story impact the minds of the audience and get them to connect with the brand even more. Dig in this article to find out how brands use storytelling as the most powerful tool.

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Patterns Matter

Using the right pattern can elevate your brand to new heights. Read on to find out how you can incorporate patterns in your brand and increase brand recognition and reputation.

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