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Education Airra Challenge 01

A Journey of 8 years :
From Junior Copy Writer
to Creative Director

Pranav Mathur, Creative director

Education Airra Challenge 01

A Journey of 4 years :
From Junior graphic designer
to Creative Director

Tanvi Chunekar, Creative director

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    Why work with us?

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    Work with a
    talented team

    From illustrators and graphic designers with a fan following on social media, copywriters who are also fiction writers and comedians, product designers revolutionising toys, to artists selling their work in famed galleries, we have a small, but highly talented and interesting bunch of people sitting together and working.

    Work with
    marquee clients

    Our bond with our clients is one of true partnership. Working with marquee clients is always a learning process and helps us give our best. Whether it is analysing how to scale for real estate giants like Sobha Developers, to learning how a fintech startup became a unicorn like CredAvenue. We are continuously working with the best to try and become the best.

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    branding company in Bangalore
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    Work on the
    breadth of design

    Rezonant works on projects from varied domains with myriad requirements. One day you’re meeting with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and another day you’re having a deep discussion on materials with a fabrication engineer. We learn immensely from both these interactions.

    Work at scale

    We believe in the power of simple yet powerful ideas with phenomenal execution. A great idea can reach the moon. We truly believe that. We create a buffet of ideas, scaling, options and treatments for our clients. We refuse to think small.

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    Get your hands dirty

    We are an enthusiastic team who aren’t just dreamers, but headstrong doers. We like to understand each task, delve deep into the minute features, analyse every detail and add the element of brilliance to each unique project.

    Work on yourself

    Fairly self-explanatory but then we can always try. We believe that at Rezonant, your personal growth is limited only and only by the amount of work you are willing to put in. The biggest opportunity one can get at Rezonant is to personally witness an immense amount of work being executed and delivered every single day. One can learn so much by just observing; from design tools to brand strategy, to business analysis, to people management, sales strategies and so much more.

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    Careers Hari Quote

    It has been an immense pleasure to see so many young minds grow and succeed over the years

    MP Hariharan, Founder

    It has been an immense pleasure to see so many young minds grow and succeed over the years

    MP Hariharan, Founder

    How we select you, how you select us?

    At Rezonant, we’re always excited to work with creative and talented folks who will add value to our team. If you want to apply for any of the open positions, please fill out the respective form on the Open Positions section. Want to get an inside scoop on how our hiring process goes? Read on!


    If you see an open position that fits you, jump right in and apply to the same with the listed requirements. Our application form is pretty thorough and part of the reason why we have a detailed form is to assess whether we share the same standards and values. In addition to the form, we also expect a well-organized portfolio that shows a diverse skillset and body of work. If you are selected for the First round, we will write back to you to set up a suitable time.
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    Video Call

    The first round is generally a 30-45 minute video call with our senior team. Here is where we dive into a few of your projects and understand your thought processes and working methods. Our senior team may ask you questions to assess your design knowledge and awareness. This call is meant to gauge your skills and capabilities and to understand where you fit in at Rezonant. This is a good time to ask us questions; we appreciate it when you’ve done your homework and have questions for us.



    Skill Test

    The second round consists of a test that is meant to assess your skills firsthand. You will be given 7 to 10 days to submit the test. In this round, we will be assessing you on your ability to understand a brief well, to generate ideas, to execute them to the best of your ability in the given time frame and to present them neatly. Once you hand in your test, our team will revert back to you in a week’s time with the results.



    Meet in Office

    The third round is an extended F2F meet with the hiring team and the people you could potentially work with in office. We schedule a session to take you through some of our work and current projects and discuss any questions you may have for us. We also assess a culture fit here. You can meet the team members and get a sense of the office vibe and culture. After this is the most important part,  we expect a short song/dance performance…

    Just kidding. The session ends with some chai and snacks 🙂


    Our Alumni

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    Strategic Brand Manager

    Pranjali Shrivastava

    In tough times, Pranjali rises like a phoenix.

    Product & Experience Thinker

    Alfred Jerry

    He believes that simplicity is the key to a good design.