12 efficient suggestions for building a digital experience centre

Over the years, we have designed several experience centres. So who will find a digital experience centre to be a good use-case? The usual suspects in the consumer space – brands in high-value retail, luxury real estate, luxury automobiles, along with some in the B2B space – IT service companies, manufacturing and pharma.


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Digital Lamp for IBM’s Experience Centre (Courtesy: Rezonant Design)

By nature, an experience centre is physical. However, with a few clever phygital additions, brands can extract value out of this investment. Here are some methods to build a digital experience centre:

  • Virtual Reality (VR), Metaverse and Augmented Reality (AR)  – Allow visitors to immerse themselves in interactive virtual or augmented environments that showcase your products, services, or brand and create an immersive digital experience centre.



An experience centre is a great way to take your visitor to your brand’s metaverse (Image: Stock)

  • Digital story books – These provide a tactile experience (you would have seen those videos in newspapers in the Harry Potter movies) and have high recall value

  • Interactive Touchscreens – Install interactive touchscreens that allow visitors to learn more about your products or services, browse through digital catalogs, and explore your brand’s story.
  • 3D projection map – How about showing your real estate customers a whole story via video projected on a 3D model of your project? It makes for an engaging digital experience centre.

  • Social Media Walls – Display social media feeds and user-generated content related to your brand or products on large screens to encourage visitors to engage with your brand.
  • Digital Signage – Use digital signage to showcase dynamic and engaging content, including product demos, videos, and animations.

digital experience centre


Digital signage installation (Courtesy: Rezonant Design)

  • Mobile Apps – Develop a custom mobile app that provides visitors with additional information and interactive experiences, such as location-based scavenger hunts or augmented reality features.
  • Interactive Displays – Create interactive displays that incorporate physical elements such as motion sensors, audio, and lighting to engage visitors and create a memorable digital experience centre.
  • 360-Degree Videos – Offer visitors the opportunity to view 360-degree videos that provide an immersive experience of your brand or product.
  • Gamification – Use gamification techniques, such as leaderboards or digital badges, to encourage visitor engagement and create a fun and memorable experience.
  • Live Streaming – Stream live events or demonstrations to social media platforms or your website, providing an engaging and interactive experience for visitors who are unable to attend in person.
  • Conductive ink walls – Engage customers with simple walls that have more to them than meets the eye