Designing an employee handbook for a Fintech start-up
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CredAvenue is a 1-stop corporate debt solution which fulfils all the debt needs of organizations. The culture book is an introductory gateway to welcome new employees to the company.

The client approached us with the problem of building culture. We suggested a unique print design solution aimed to bring their people together.

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Working closely with the CredAvenue team helped us understand the Fintech market and the unique challenges faced by the debt platform. We channelled their insights to create the right EVP to mark the beginning of an epic journey. 

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Understanding CredAvenue

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Company Values
In order to create an EVP for CredAvenue, we mapped out the key features of the company and messages we wished to communicate through the collaterals.
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Exploring CredAvnue


The key Employer Value Proposition developed was ‘Be at the start of epic’. The brand was positioned as a world of epic, where Super People came together to create history.

Cover art EVP 1
EVP scaling

Creating an epic visual language

Lines 02
Energy lines significance
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Visual treatment of images and graphics

We used energy lines to depict the epic work people at CredAvenue were doing. The 2 outer lines represent the loan seekers and the loan lenders the central line represents loan enablers i.e CredAvenue. These 3 lines together form the energy lines used as the primary visual devices across brand creatives.

They were also used as a part of the photography treatment, going around the subject depicting the epic CredAvenue energy.

Creating a colour palette and typography system for CredAvenue which reflects their values and ethics.

We used blues from the CredAvenue logo to build the brand colours. A secondary palette of shades consisting of blues and greens along with a few contrasting colours was created.

Poppins was used as the primary heading typeface since it stands out due to its monolinear strokes. The body copy used was HK Grotesk for its legibility and neatness.

Colour palette and Typography

Office photoshoot for Culture Book images

A photoshoot was done at the office aiming to capture the employees and teams in their element.

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BTS of office shoot
BTS of office shoot
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Shot from the office shoot
Shot from the office shoot

Creating the Culture Book

11 sketches
Culture book sketches
12 sketches
Culture book sketches
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Culture book sketches


The CredAvenue clan is also known as Credsters. Giving a name to the employee team creates a sense of affinity and belongingness.

Credsters explanation
Credsters 08 1
Credsters page in culture book

Culture Book Design

The culture book delves into the company’s story and work culture, elaborating on the opportunities it presents to its employees.

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Culture book cover
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Snapshots of the Culture book
Snapshots of the Culture book
Culture book cover
Culture book 1
Snapshots of the Culture book


The culture book was well-recieved and appreciated by the client as well as their employees, helping them understand the company story. We helped CredAvenue grow and hire new talent.

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