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Emeritus’ People Power: Creating an engaging podcast series of 8 episodes with the brilliant founders
Emeritus is a global edtech company. We got the opportunity to shoot a candid podcast with the founders and hear their thoughts on all things Emeritus.

Choosing a creative format

For this Emeritus project, a few questions we asked ourselves while shooting the videos were –

  1. How do we best utilize the time with the founders to touch upon topics that have maximum impact
  2. How do we creatively showcase the interviews with the founders?
  3. What is the best way to create an engaging format that is short, crisp and easy to consume?
  4. How do we create a format that inspires candor and free-spiritedness from the founders?
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An engaging podcast series

The podcast has Ashwin Damera, CEO of Eruditus & Emeritus; Chaitanya Kalipatnapu, Co-Founder of Eruditus & Emeritus in conversation with the host Ganesh S, CHRO of Eruditus & Emeritus. The podcast was broken down into snippets. Each episode highlighted various aspects of the company such as the early days of Emeritus, the unique people-centric culture, what it means to be A+ at Emeritus and the global legacy Emeritus is leaving behind.

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People Power- The Emeritus Podcast

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Branding a podcast

A brief conversation with the founders helped us understand that the people are the key element of the company. The founders wanted to highlight and celebrate the people and the accomplishments through the podcasts. The podcast touches on various topics like what it means to work with A+ talent, what it means to be A+ and a lot more.

We called the podcast ‘People Power’. The podcast touches on various topics like what it means to work with A+ talent, what it means to be A+ and a lot more.

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Topics that were covered

We broke down the video into episodes based on the various topics that Ashwin and Chaitanya conversed about. This helped cover a range of topics-

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A candid conversation with someone they trust

Maintaining the authentic nature of the podcast, Ganesh S the CHRO of Eruditus & Emeritus hosted the podcast. This helped create a comfortable space for the founders to truly express themselves in a candid manner.

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The results

From having only 10-15 minutes to converse with Ashwin, Chaitanya and Ganesh, the podcast series stretched to an hour long fun and anecdotal conversation. The podcast series helped create a holistic video playlist from the lens of the founders about what it means to work at Emeritus, the culture, the kind of impact Emeritians are leaving behind and what one can achieve working here. Ever since Episode 1 of People Power came out, the response has been phenomenal which was heartening for the entire team.

Emeritus podcast comments
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Emeritus Podcast Chaitanya

“It was a pleasure working with Team Rezonant on this endeavour. It was fun to reminisce about our journey. Team Rezonant was meticulous in their work and created an engaging podcast that brought out the essence of our company, culture and people.”

Chaitanya Kalipatnapu, Co-Founder of Eruditus & Emeritus.