A unique experience center for a luxury real estate project
Experience Center design is a fairly new endeavour for our country. We approached it in a touchpoint oriented manner that mapped each interaction between consumer and brand for which we created design interventions.

An experience center that would help SOBHA and Puravankara launch their super-luxury joint offering in Kochi. This experience center had to increase engagement and improve conversion rate of prospects along with telling the SOBHA story.

SOBHA's first venture into Kerala; with a world-class experience center

SOBHA, a well-known brand in Bangalore was relatively unknown in Kerala. The luxurious experience center on Marine Drive announced the arrival of the real estate brand with a bang. 

“The Kerala luxury buyer has a high degree of awareness of luxury, probably because of exposure to the middle-east”

Actual photoshoot at SOBHA Marina One

We worked with team SOBHA to understand core differentiators of the project and how they make homes work. As a result, we understood what a real estate customer really wants. Understand the luxury buyer profile in Kerala. Understanding the Kerala market.


This project saw a range of design interventions – from CX design, Sales Experience, Environments to deciding the script of customer interaction.

Customer Experience Design

The highlight of the entire experience center visit for any customer was the attention to detail. We created a master list of over 250 touch points that ranged from the pick-up car to a welcome kit to the specific smell and the music that was played within the experience center. 

“In India’s fragmented healthcare market, it’s getting increasingly difficult for new brands to build traction”

Designing the entrance for the experience center

The entrance and the perimeter facade spoke about the advantages of buying a home at Marina One with interesting and eye-catching large 3D numbers and actual photographs from SOBHA properties. 

The Parking Experience at the Marina One Experience Center

1. Perimeter 

2. Entrance 

3. First impression of project 


The parking experience began with sharing some information regarding the project and its lifestyle for the residents. Since proximity to the water was a big feature, we created a list of close to a 100 features of the project on custom illustrated panels attached to 3D letters that spelt WATER and were seen from a distance. 


This was the impact of the parking and entrance experience. 

The Welcome Experience - A touch of Kerala

The SOBHA Museum in the Experience Center

“People know how their home looks but do they know how their home works?”

The SOBHA Museum was our endeavour to effectively communicate the tiny attention to detail aspects of a SOBHA home that have massive impact on the home and its functionality. We created over a 100 ‘post-its’ that had easy to consume information in the form of a rhyme. 

Internal Environmental Graphics that highlighted the Project Features

We designed the entire experience center at our own office before we even sent across a single print file. Our team worked nights to create a ‘mock’ version of the site. 

We start with the most hi-tech tools at the inception of each project – a pencil and paper!

Way finding and Signage at the Experience Center

The Experience Center had to stand out from a distance and attract the curiosity of people passing by 

The Marina One Experience Center was designed like a museum which meant that we wanted it to be a self-guided experience. The signage and way finding was at the heart of this endeavour. 

Click here to visit the Marina One website. 

Design and detail of 3D installations and elements

The Kerala Snake Boat is a unique and iconic symbol of the state and also has a strong connect to the theme of the space which was ‘water’. 

Vibrant signage which had a mix of materials, textures and both 3D and 2D elements. 

Although there were sales people and center experts to guide guests, we wanted the signage to enable a complete self-guided tour of the Experience Center. 

3D elements that signified Kerala culture, tradition and taste. 

The iconic ‘WATER’ signage with custom illustrations that highlighted unique features of the luxury project. Every passerby stopped his/her vehicle to look at the center when they saw this work of art. 

Interactive elements at the Experience Center