1 useful book for the customer. A giant step for real estate.
Real estate brands are notorious for a poor post-sale experience. At SOBHA, the team takes great pride in the quality of their homes and their customer service. This book highlighted both.

To present the real estate buyer with a keepsake during handover that he/she would not discard. To provide useful information in a convenient format. To highlight the level of thought and attention to detail gone into the creation of each SOBHA home. 



Work with team SOBHA to understand the different methods of cleaning and maintaining different surfaces. Document the list of materials needed to clean a home, in the form of good
quality photographs


CX Design. Photo-documentation. Content aggregation and writing. Publication design. Finishing and choosing print materials

Photographing real estate in style

Understanding the real estate eco-system and creating content


A useful gift package that customers have appreciated. Customers have given feedback that this book helps them keep their homes neat, clean and highly-functional. Customers understand their homes better 

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