Captivating real estate marketing with ‘EXTRA’
Real estate marketing is a difficult process. This strategically created book was a way to give SOBHA an edge and comprehensively communicate the reasons why their product is better.

To help SOBHA create a real estate marketing tool that would impress upon potential buyers and home owners the minute attention to detail SOBHA puts into the creation of each home. To generate respect for SOBHA processes, technology and craftsmanship. To communicate to the buyer how much SOBHA really cares. To paint a lifestyle picture to the buyer 

Real Estate_Sobha_Get Used to Extra_Book_Mobile_View

Work with team SOBHA to understand how a SOBHA home has a 100 different unique features which all add to the functionality of a home. Understand what a real estate customer really wants. Understand the luxury buyer

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Customer Experience Design. Category and content planning. Detailed photography. Documentation. 

Print design.

Real estate marketing with a detailed understanding of the space. 

Detailed photography strategy for real estate marketing


Wide-spread appreciation from SOBHA team including the Chairman, Mr. Ravi Menon. A visual tool that replaces the specifications section universally. Customers are able to understand the effort put in by SOBHA. 


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