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A brand new website for Manch, a top 10 SaaS startup
Designing a meticulously crafted website for our SAAS client, empowering users to make informed decisions and drive transformative results.


Manch’s solutions address a range of large business problems, including data management, onboarding to KYC, authentication, and secure payments. These solutions are complex and require assistance for a user to understand.



We began by conducting a competitive analysis and creating a sitemap to streamline the site’s navigation. The core strategy was to introduce 3D characters that represented Manch’s diverse user base. These characters helped to lighten the tone of the website and make it more approachable, while also acting as mascots for the brand.

Strategy for wireframe

The content strategy focused on engaging users with more use cases and case studies across the site. This helped establish a connection between Manch and the client’s needs, making it easier for users to understand the company’s solutions. The intended destination for the user was booking a demo session and having a conversation with a salesperson from Manch. We addressed this by ensuring that all pages of the website had a CTA which led to them booking a demo session.

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It was essential to keep the website easy to consume. We designed a limited color palette, created custom iconography, and simplified infographics along with supporting illustrations that highlighted the 3D mascots.

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Brand Language

Manch Brand Language
Manch Icons 1

3D Mascots


The Manch Homepage

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The website was well received by the clients and was appreciated by the employees individually. It gained a lot of traction.

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