A holistic and engaging career website for Housing.com
A creative website with real people and real stories anchored by a strategic EVP.

The challenge for Rezonant Design was to create a distinct website for Housing.com while ensuring a strong representation of REA India as a unified entity.

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The websites needed to effectively communicate the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) of “Come Home to REA India” and provide comprehensive information to prospective talent, including job listings and application capabilities.

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To create an impactful career website, Rezonant Design conducted thorough research to understand the unique attributes, values, and language of Housing.com. The research also aimed to uncover the key elements that represented REA India’s overall identity and ensure they were subtly incorporated into the website designs.

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Housing  Research  About the company
Housing_ Research_ About the company
Housing Careers website benchmarking parameters
Benchmarking parameters
Housing Careers website challenges faced
Challenges faced
Housing EVP Design
Research findings

Key research findings included:

  • The need to communicate brand personality on the website 
  • The need to talk about people stories and celebrate them loudly 
  • The need to convey the shared values and EVP of REA India in a consistent and cohesive manner across both websites.
  • The importance of simplicity and user-friendliness in the website’s user experience (UX) design.


The designs incorporated the brand colors and visual elements that represented the brand, creating a visually distinctive and immersive experience.

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Housing Careers Website  Designing
Colour palette
Colour palette and typography

Key design considerations included:

Brand representation:
The website design carefully integrated the unique visual identities of Housing.com ensuring consistent brand representation and recognition across their customer facing assets as well as internal communication.

Simple UX:
The UX design focused on simplicity and straightforward navigation, allowing candidates to easily access job listings, explore the company, and seamlessly apply for positions.

Comprehensive information:
The website provides comprehensive information about the company, including the culture, values, career opportunities, and employee benefits, offering a holistic view of the organization.

Housing Careers Website  sketches
Ideation sketches

The Homepage

Why Join Housing.com?

Housing careers website homepage 01
Housing careers website homepage 02
Housing careers website homepage 03
Housing careers website homepage 04

Life at Housing.com

Housing Careers Website life at Housing

The Impact

Housing Careers Website impact page
Housing careers website design pages


The unique career website for Housing.com achieved significant outcomes.

Check out the full website on this link

Housing careers website outcome

Distinct brand representation: The website successfully showcased the individual identities of Housing.com allowing prospective talent to connect with the brand and the specific culture represented.

User-friendly experience: The simple and intuitive UX design facilitated easy access to job listings, comprehensive information, and seamless job applications, enhancing the candidate experience.


Unified representation of REA India: The website subtly conveyed the overarching REA India identity, reinforcing the shared EVP and values.

Enhanced talent acquisition: The career website became a powerful tool for attracting and engaging prospective talent, enabling them to fully understand the larger organization also and encouraging applications from top-quality candidates.

Housing Careers Website  outcome responsive
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