A delicious careers website for Licious, India’s top D2C
Discover how we created an immersive careers website for Licious, capturing their vibrant work environment and showcasing exciting opportunities through storytelling, custom illustrations and dynamic elements.
Licious Website Design 1 scaled

When we were approached us to create a careers website for Licious, our challenge was two-fold: to communicate the enticing opportunities without overwhelming visitors and to align the visual aesthetic, user interface, and graphic elements with the EVP and internal communication materials. Achieving the right balance became crucial as we aimed to capture the essence of Licious’ career offerings.

Licious Culture Book Photograph 4
Licious Culture Book Photograph 4


To understand Licious and its employees (“Licians”), we conducted comprehensive research, including a survey involving 236 individuals, including 8 leaders. Our goal was to gain insights into the company, its people, the work environment and the unique culture at Licious. Additionally, we benchmarked various brands across industries and countries to explore opportunities and create an exceptional careers website.

Licious Culture Book Research 1 5
Licious Culture Book Research 1 5
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Research Survey
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Research Survey
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Key research findings included:

Our research yielded significant insights that shaped the direction of the website. 

  • We discovered that Licious is a people-centric organization powered by its dedicated Licians. 
  • We learned that Licious is pioneering a revolution in the traditional Indian meat industry, and it owes its success to the talent and passion of its people.


Our firm embarked on designing the careers website for Licious, focusing on incorporating a storytelling aspect in each segment. Whether it was highlighting Licious’ evolution as a company, showcasing the opportunities for tech professionals, or capturing the vibrant culture, we wanted to engage visitors through an immersive experience. Custom-created illustrations, dynamic UX elements, and candid photographs of their brand new office were employed throughout the website.

Careers website for Licious
Careers website for Licious
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Colour palette
Highlights of the careers website for Licious

Home Page: Key individuals at Licious were portrayed as quintessential ingredients found in a typical Indian kitchen. For instance, Raj from the supply chain team would be featured on a box of “Catch Masala.” This creatively reinforced the EVP message that Licians are the ‘secret ingredient’ behind the company’s success.

Why Join Licious?

Careers website for Licious
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Visual Appeal

Pictures and illustrations were strategically placed throughout the website to make them eye-catching and appealing. The vibrant imagery showcased the dynamic and energetic work environment at Licious, captivating visitors from the moment they landed on the website.

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Ven Diagram

Licious Culture and Teams

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The website’s reception by both the founders and Licians was overwhelmingly positive.

It effectively captured the breadth and depth of work-life at Licious without becoming mundane or overwhelming.

Licious Website Design Outcome scaled
Licious Website Design Outcome scaled

The website not only provided valuable resources for the marketing and talent acquisition teams but also contributed to achieving various goals by attracting and engaging prospective talent.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Licious resulted in a captivating careers website that beautifully conveyed the EVP and showcased the incredible opportunities within the company.

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“By combining storytelling, custom illustrations, and dynamic elements, we successfully created a platform that reflects the vibrant culture and the important role of Licians as the ‘secret ingredient’ behind Licious’ success.”