Employer branding for Housing, India’s #1 proptech
REA Testimonials  scaled
Bringing the EVP to Life at REA India – A new entity formed from the acquisition of PropTiger.com and Housing.com needed a deep and powerful employer branding strategy. We knew that we needed real stories from real people to create a truly holistic employer brand.

As part of the employer branding for Housing.com, an objective was to create a series of employee testimonial videos that would authentically showcase the experiences, perspectives, and stories of employees at REA India, including both Housing.com and Proptiger.com teams, thus validating the EVP statement. To accomplish this, meticulous planning was essential.

REA Testimonials Challenge scaled
REA Testimonials Challenge scaled

To ensure the authenticity and inclusivity of the testimonial videos, Rezonant Design conducted extensive research, involving interviews with a diverse set of employees across different teams, genders, and designations. The research aimed to capture firsthand accounts of how employees “Came Home to REA India,” uncovering personal experiences, growth opportunities, & the supportive culture within the organization.

REA Testimonials Research
REA Testimonials Research
Housing EVP Researchg 3 1

Through these interviews, a wealth of insights emerged:


  • Employees consistently expressed warmth and a sense of belonging within the REA India family.
  • The immense learning opportunities provided by the organization were widely appreciated.
  • Supportive leadership was cited as a key factor that contributed to the positive employee experience.


Drawing from the research findings, Rezonant Design scripted and produced a series of employee testimonial videos that embodied the essence of the EVP while sharing real-life experiences and stories. The videos were carefully designed to showcase diversity, equality, and inclusion across both the Housing.com and Proptiger.com brands, emphasizing that all employees were part of the unified REA India family.

REA Testimonials_Creation
REA Testimonials_Creation
REA Testimonials Creation

“The videos were thoughtfully crafted to highlight various aspects of the employer branding for Housing.com, such as the warmth of the people, personal growth and learning, and supportive leadership. They featured employees from different backgrounds and roles, providing a comprehensive view of the vibrant and inclusive work environments at REA India.”

Employer branding for Housing. Through engaging videos.


The employee testimonial videos proved to be a powerful tool in bringing the employer branding for Housing, to life. They effectively communicated the unique experiences and stories of employees, adding credibility and authenticity to the EVP statement. The videos were strategically utilized for the launch of the EVP on LinkedIn, as well as prominently featured on the websites of Proptiger.com and Housing.com.

Employer branding for Housing
Employer branding for Housing

The outcomes achieved through these videos include:

Enhanced engagement and emotional connection: The testimonial videos resonated with both existing employees and potential talent, fostering a stronger emotional connection to the REA India brand and its EVP.

Increased employer brand credibility: By featuring real employees sharing their positive experiences, the videos bolstered the credibility of the EVP and positioned REA India as an employer of choice in real estate.

Amplified reach and visibility: The videos, shared on LinkedIn and company websites, attracted a broader audience, effectively promoting the EVP and the values of REA India to a wider talent pool.