Marketing D2C brands: innovative toy brand
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Gween Toys are a range of handcrafted, eco-friendly and 100% safe toys for toddlers to enhance their cognitive and motor skills.

Gween Toys are a line of baby toys for stage-based learning, designed to engage babies at every phase of their development and to help them build cognitive and motor skills. The products are made using eco-friendly and hand-crafted materials. The challenge in marketing D2C brands is to bring attention to the brand and products.


The Rezonant product team worked closely on the project with artisans situated at Channapatna, a quaint town in the state of Karnataka. The strategy however, laid out the fact that every child has a different learning style and so the designs were made to feel less prescriptive about how a child should play with them, but still learn and develop various skills, allowing parents to feel less stressed about what toys they provide for their kids. These toys are carefully crafted using high-quality materials like natural wood and  natural colours.  A similar approach was taken to visualise the social media posts. 

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A new slogan ‘When you play, you learn’ was created for this campaign. This particular slogan shaped the idea that these toys were not just for fun, but were also meant for learning. The forest elements helped shape the overall aesthetic of the posts. The toy animals, mostly knows as Alfinx, Zarafu, Picazee etc became part of an illustrated foliage. These environments depicted a lively, colourful style, which appeared on most social media platforms. The warm yet modern visual approach captured the toys in their natural habitat encouraging children to learn.

Marketing D2C brands
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Marketing D2C brands through packaging design

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Marketing D2C brands
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A great many responses were received from parents who purchased these toys. They reflected on the fact that not only were these toys educational but they were also an amazing set of collectibles. 

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