A journey through ‘space’, a real estate advertising campaign for Sumadhura Horizon
Rezonant Horizon 01 scaled
Sumadhura, a leading real estate developer based out of Bengaluru, came to us with a premium project in Hyderabad. The company desired to ramp up the sales volume for this project.

A brand stepping outside its core market

Launching the real estate advertising for a Bengaluru based brand had challenges; the average Hyderabad consumer might not be fully aware of the product, the people, the company and the quality.

Sumadhura Horizon property 3
Sumadhura Horizon property 3

Some of the top challenges

  1. How do we celebrate the product?
  2. How do we highlight the brand? 
  3. How to create a simple yet effective campaign that stands out? 
  4. How to generate traction in a post-pandemic era where brands are wary of spending too much on media?
Sumadhura Horizon property scaled


An understanding of the product

A series of interviews with the senior executives at Sumadhura, the sales team members as well as some consumers gave us an understanding of the property and what the core USP is. The property was well located with a high quality of construction and most of all, the homes were very spacious. The space aspect of the home was appealing and we decided to use that as the pillar of communication in this real estate advertising campaign.

Sumadhura Horizon Campaign  zoom meeting client

Ideation Sketches

Sumadhura Horizon Campaign sketches 01
Sumadhura Horizon Campaign sketches 7
Sumadhura Horizon Campaign sketches 02
Sumadhura Horizon Campaign sketches 03


Love Space?

Simple lines with an out-of-the-box and fun visual set the tone for the campaign. The campaign was unlike anything done by a developer in the market and not only established Sumadhura’s Horizon but also helped increase the awareness of the brand in the city.

Horizon Billboard 03 scaled
real estate advertising
Real estate advertising billboards
Horizon Billboard 01 scaled
Real estate advertising through outdoor billboards
Sumadhura Horizon Campaign  big Hoarding
Rezonant HORIZON Pole Kiosks 01
Sumadhura Horizon Campaign  road pole kiosk 1
Sumadhura Horizon Campaign  road pole kiosk 2
Rezonant HORIZON Pole Kiosks 02
Airport Hoardings
Sumadhura Horizon Campaign  road Hoarding
Sumadhura Horizon Campaign  Hyderabad Airport Hoarding edit
Web Banners
Horizon Website Banners 1349x662 01
Horizon Website Banners 1349x662 02
Metro Posts
Sumadhura Horizon Campaign  metro 1
Sumadhura Horizon Campaign  metro 2
Sumadhura Horizon Campaign  metro 4
Mailers for potential customers

“The Rezonant Team knew what they were doing. Their meticulous approach as well as an astute understanding of the market and TA was a delight to observe. Working with them is always a pleasure. This campaign worked well for us and got us noticed a great deal.” 
– Srinivas Moramchetty, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing

Srinivas sumdhura