An assorted range of madcap creatives out to create tangible impact.

Product & Experience Thinker

Alfred Jerry

He believes that simplicity is the key to a good design.

Product & Experience Thinker - Intern

Atharva Attarde

He’s a hardcore tech geek who constantly craves for problem solving opportunities

Visual Thinker

Jasleen Ashta

Jasleen focuses on solving problems by breaking them down into smaller consumable bits.

Creative Writer

Kalai Kanagavel

If overthinking was a sport, Kalai would be an olympic medalist.

Chief Thinker

MP Hariharan

Hari is passionate about nation building through design.

Visual Thinker

Nandita Singh

She posses that superpower of jazzing up everything dull into something spectacular.

Creative Writer

Pramita PN

This self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie loves to sit in the passenger seat and introspect on life.

Partner & Creative Director

Pranav Mathur

Pranav has the knack to easily bridge the gap between message and consumer.

Strategic Brand Manager

Pranjali Shrivastava

In tough times, Pranjali rises like a phoenix.

Product & Experience Thinker - Intern

Raajnandini J

She is drawn to the creative and intuitive process behind designing.

Visual Thinker


Rahul believes that having a multidisciplinary approach to design is a great way to solve problems.

Creative Writer

Sampriti M

Seen usually as quiet or not all that talkative, a pj or dad joke is always waiting to spring.

Product & Experience Thinker - Intern

Sanvika Patil

You can often find her curled up with a good cup of coffee thinking about how to bring her late-night musings ...

Visual Thinker

Sathya A

For starters everyone should know that Sathya is the quietest person in the office with loudest ideas.



Undisputedly, the most important person in Rezonant is Savitha.

Product & Experience Thinker - Intern

Shambhavi Phule

She prefers things to be well-organized and planned ahead of time.

Creative Thinker

Shrida Shah

The curious amalgam of logic, analytics, and design that accompanies UX/UI excites her to no end.

Partner & Creative Director

Tanvi Chunekar

Tanvi believes that good design has the power to transform society and culture.

Visual Thinker

Tarannum Sehgal

Eager to learn and expand her creative horizon, she loves a good challenge.

Partner & Operations Director

Vinayak Baby

Vinayak is a talented website designer and is a magician at Photoshop.

Visual Thinker

Vishal Pandit

Vishal is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Surat, Gujarat AKA ‘The Diamond city of India'.

Graphic Design Intern

Vrushali Baheti

We have successfully located Vrushali in the closest momo place